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Monday, 27 April 2015

The Largest void in universe Discovered

Hubble image of MACS J0717

Astronomers have detected the universe’s largest known cosmological supervoid in the Southern constellation of Eridanus.  Spanning some 1.8 billion light years !!!!!!!

(1 Light Years ~ 9 Trillion Kilometer)

It might be the single largest structure ever in the universe, and the only sign of it is nothing – just empty space 1.8 billion light years across. That’s 18,000 times larger than our entire galaxy.

the team remains mainly baffled as to why such an extensive void — in which the “density of galaxies is much lower than in the known universe” — could have actually arisen.

“This supervoid is certainly rare,” Greg Aldering, a cosmologist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California, told Forbes.  “Underdense by about 30 percent, it’s not completely empty.  But what’s rare is the [spatial] extent of this void itself.”

Source : Forbes


  1. Perhaps human being describes this void as a void because it is at a different dimension; and cannot describe inside of course in such a situation. Perhaps this void is a place where there are parallel universes; did you ever think about? Here is frequently such beatiful crazy ideas come to my mind:)

  2. Everything is possible but scientifically there is no evidence of extra dimensions. Many research and experiments are going on but none of them are able to give any sign of extra dimension.
    So presently it is safe to say that it is a void
    But everything is possible in universe

  3. opps, it was bad my Earthling friend. And if is that so where are these parallels! :))

  4. Maybe they are because Parallel universes

  5. These are theories are just awesome !!!
    That why I like space and astronomy .
    Full of unknown things and mysterious.

  6. You're absolutely right! that's why I'm following your news always:)

  7. So I follow because, I am aware your exciting approach

  8. Just be careful when describing this void and connecting it to the universe! They may just be describing my head :-)

  9. Nothingness, the final frontier! Is the void God, from which all something springs?

  10. Astronomy is wonderful and awe inspiring.