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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hubble Space Telescope turns 25 and Here are some of the Most Amazing Pictures Taken by it

Hubble Space Telescope marks 25th anniversary in orbit this week. So, There are some  best images taken by Hubble Space Telescope during its 25 years journey. These Images are 100% real and contains no CGI

Hubble has traveled 3.4 billion miles, circling Earth nearly 137,000 times and making more than 1.2 million observations of more than 38,000 celestial objects, according to the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. The most distant objects spotted by Hubble — primitive galaxies — are some 13 billion light-years away and date to within 400 million or so years of the universe's origin, known as the Big Bang.

Hubble provides an average of 829 gigabytes of archival data every month, according to the institute. Altogether, Hubble has produced more than 100 terabytes of data.

Some of the images have description about it. if anyone wants to read image description just click that image. and  Enjoy......

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="970,971,972,973,974,975,976,977,978,979,980,981,982,983,984,985,986,987,988,989,990,991,992,993,994,995,996,997,998,999,1000,1001,1002,1003,1004,1005,1006,1007,1008,1009,1010,1011,1012,1013,968,964,965,966,967"]

Image Credit :

Source:Fox news


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  2. Thanks for the visit. These are absolutely incredible pictures!

  3. Same to you !!
    You also have some awesome pictures
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  4. Yep, almost all the Hubble images are awesome. In my opinion Hubble is the best telescope ever made.