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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Moon Experiences Quake Just Like Earthquake


As the earthquake is still an unsolved mystery for the scientists, by adding another, an Indian scientist has discovered that moon also feels tremors and quakes like earth.

The discovery is made by India’s first lunar probe Chandrayaan-1 as the scientist has revealed that when the tectonic plates of moon collide, causes Quakes just like earthquake.

The plates make up the crust and upper surface and when it collide together, it causes moon-quake.

The discovery is noted out by Saumitra Mukherjee, a Professor of Geology and Remote Sensing at the School of Environmental Sciences in Jawaharlal Nehru University and a student of the university Priyadarshini Singh.

The images providing clues to the occurrence of quakes on the Moon, were captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera and Narrow Angle camera aboard Chandrayaan-1.

The images depict South Polar region of the Moon and spews clue on the presence of tectonic plates which when move can cause quakes similar to earthquakes, explained study authors.

Launched in 2008, the main aim of the Chandrayaan-1 was to make a 3-dimentsional model of the Moon and mapping of chemical composition on its surface.

The discovery will help the researchers as they may be able to predict quakes on the Moon going ahead, by analyzing tectonic plate movements on the Moon and comparing them with earthquakes.

Source : ISRO


  1. I'm betting that the Moon's tectonic activity is much like the moons of Jupiter; caused by the Earth's gravitational pull, rather than internal activity.

  2. Right but There are four types of moon quakes caused by different ways. Quakes can be caused by earth gravity, meteorite impact, or by tectonic plates.

  3. Very cool - how big are these earthquakes?

  4. So you could definitely feel them! Amazing.

  5. I'm just glad to know there are tectonic plates on the Moon. The last time I'd looked none were apparently known for any body besides Earth and I couldn't imagine any way that could be right.